The government keeps all kinds of records on us and our activities. Unemployment, Consumer Price Index, Census and more.

But I’m wondering if the time has come for a political hate index.

Hating The President

I’ve live through 13 commanders in chief during my life. Almost of all of them have been hated for emotional reasons not political issues.

F.D.R tried to stack the supreme court, Truman dropped two atomic bombs on civilians, Carter was a woos, Kennedy a womanizer, Ford was clumsy, Nixon was a crook, Reagan was senile, the list goes on and on.

One thing is paramount to remember. None of these presidents had to use or contend with social media.

The Internet came along in earnest during the Clinton administration. Clinton brought womanizing to a new level and the internet is just now catching up with the “Me Too” movement by placing him directly in their crosshairs.

Enter Bill Maher

TV comedian and political pundit Bill Maher has such dislike for President Trump that he is more than happy to saddle the entire US with another great recession believing that’s one sure way to show Trump the exit from the oval office.

Sorry Bill, last time I looked a recession didn’t get rid of Obama or Bush. Even bringing down the entire financial system had little effect on the presidency.

Might I suggest encouraging Trump to break into the Democratic National Headquarters in the dead of night. That got rid of at least one president.

Hate Index

Dial up any of your friends on social media and you will find little to no discussion about issues but plenty of emotional dislike for the current top office holder.

If we really want to clean up Facebook, Twitter and others then I think each member should have a hate score.

It would be based on the number of posts that are negative about a person or issue. Before you friended someone, you could look at their hate score and decide if they are friend worthy.

If their hate is equal to yours then you made a new friend.

Some Final Thoughts

The government should add our hate scores to the volumes of other info they have on us.

It would sort of be like keeping track of disease like the Center for Disease Control does.

Maybe I’m overusing or distorting the term hate. It just might be dislike — sort of like broccoli or beets or rap music.

We know the obvious hate groups, but there seems to be an underground grass roots hate that is alive and well in social media.

One of the oldest rules in marketing is that spending money to try to change a mind is useless. No outside force will dispel hate. It has to be done within.

So, what’s your hate index? If you have one. Comments below.

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