Whoever first decided that the second Tuesday of the month was a great day to vote must have been off his or her meds.

This might have worked in ancient times when farmers came to town to restock their pantries. But times change and it’s time to rethink and improve our voting options.

I think it’s time to change our thinking on our most important freedom.

Here are my suggestions.

Voting Improvements

The wife and I vote absentee this time around because getting to the polls is a physical hardship for us.

But I really don’t like that either because events that happen after your vote might effect a change in your thinking.

I think it would be cool to vote online up until you realize that someone somewhere will know how you voted.

Until there is a perfected way to guarantee the voter’s anonymity online voting will have to be relegated to the back burner.

Weekend voting has also been tossed around. Most people work during the week and depending on the issues there’s no guarantee that voting could take a significant portion of the day.

What about all businesses close on Election Day? You’re not working so take as much time as you like and go vote.

No more voting in November either. Whoever thought that up had some serious issues.

November in Montana is no walk in the park. Cold, ice, snow and wacky drivers are just the beginning.

Change national elections to warm weather months and the turnout might actually be higher.

Some Final Thoughts

I think that Election Day should be the first Tuesday after April 15th (Tax Day). That’s the one day of the year when I question the amount of money that my political leaders need from me to make everything work efficiently. (See: Tax Freedom Day 2018)

That’s the one day of the year where actual pain is felt by the voting masses. What are your election day suggestions? Comments below.

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