Ever thought of doing something crazy or adventurous but never really followed through? If one of your ideas involves traveling the country or part of it on a motorcycle, you must read this. Here we have three books that will explain exactly why you should stop pondering with the idea and get out and do it.


Jonathan Bastian, a Coloradian, did just that and his trip took him through Montana of all places.

Jonathan Bastian - NPR.org

I had no more excuses. Sitting in my driveway was an old motorcycle that still ran well but was beginning to rust away. For years, I'd dreamed of taking my Motorcycle Diaries trip, which definitely included the part about exploring South America, having some steamy love affairs, maybe even starting my own Che Guevara-inspired revolution.

But dreams are still dreams, and the idea of driving a motorcycle from my home in Colorado to Argentina seemed, sadly, impossible with my domesticated trappings. But a trip through Wyoming and Montana, for two weeks? That seemed doable. So I took some time off work, bought a few maps and found three books that were perfect for the trip.

The Books Bastian recommends along with a very brief synopsis--

The Meadow by James Galvin that gives an in depth look at the isolated life of Wyoming cattlemen.

In Search of Small Gods by Jim Harrison that explores spirituality and the outdoors and everything they have to offer in a place such as Montana.

Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson that chronicles Thompson's journey as he joins and rides along with the notorious biker gang, the Hell's Angles.

The full article above contains full descriptions of each book from Jonathan Bastian. We hope it gives you the motivation and confidence you need to set out on your own journey. We would love to hear your stories upon returning.

Just a crazy idea but if you are thinking of  making a motorcycle journey let us know and we might be able to post your "motorcycle diaries" on our websites for all of Bozeman to travel along with you!

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