Oh yeah, — prove it. I’d like to but I can’t prove it to every single living radio listening person in the world.

Why not? Because being the best is subjective. There are too many variables in the mix.

What radio station is best? What makes it the best? It might be the absolute best for you but someone else would have to lose a bet to listen.

We All Have Our Best …

Best candy bar, best beer, best bands, best books, best movies, but they are only the best to us — as individuals.

The more we’re alike the more brands become name brands.

Have you ever gone to buy something and find they are out of stock. OMG… what am I gonna do?

You like Heinz ketchup and they’re out then you might buy the smallest Hunt’s Ketchup possible just to get by.

Once something is the best to us — it’s the best period. There’s no going back. There’s no reason for me to even consider a competing brand.

Unless the brand goes belly up they are stuck with me as a customer from now on.

Coke Learned This Lesson The Hard Way

Back in the 80s Coke decided to change their formula to make it sweeter because they were losing market share to Pepsi and other brands in super markets.

Some of you might be old enough to remember the name “New Coke.” Was it a genuine market blunder or a carefully crafted plan to stimulate sales of old Coke, which was, renamed “Classic Coke.”

Even blind taste tests proved that people liked New Coke better then either Pepsi or old Coke. But the public had already decided who was best in their own minds.

No proof was going to change anyone’s mind or their purchasing habits of their favorite beverage.

Some Final Thoughts

So, do I have the best show anywhere hands down? According to my wife — yes. And perhaps a few thousand close relatives or dedicated souls that take the time on Saturday to tune in.

The wife may be a little biased but you take credit where you can get it.

It’s a great thing to be the best candy bar or whatever. It means you’re doing something right and probably something good.

What are some things you think are the best? Comments below

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