Many people are upset that big box stores like Walmart are wall-to-wall products made in China.

Are you telling me that Americans can’t make a spatula in the good ole USA at the same price or less than it can be made in China and shipped here?

You might try to make a case for cheaper labor. I don’t think there are groups of Chinese people sitting around manually making spatulas one at a time.

Those spatulas on your store shelf are machine made. One or two people at most running monster machines.

I guess a case could be made that some raw materials might be more economical to purchase in China.

One other reason might be that producing the spatula in America is costlier overall than producing it elsewhere.

Even it it’s the best spatula ever made there is a price point the average buyer will not pay — no matter how good it is.

After all — it’s just a spatula.

Some Final Thoughts

When I buy something I always look at how many books, or paid lectures, do I have to sell to justify this purchase?

The fewer books or talks I have to give to own the product the more valuable the source of the product or service becomes to me.

A one-hour lecture, or a hundred books, sold in the US might get me a big screen TV. But what if I could get a big screen TV from Japan for a 30-minute lecture or fifty books?

Looking at things this way puts your labor in perspective and the idea is that your labor should buy more, not less, of the products and services you want or need.

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