Why Boycotts Are Stupid
Research a company’s political, religious, politics, or labor practices in foreign countries, and you won't be able to purchase any product made anywhere.
War Is Hell And Then You Live
One of the things all vets have to live with is, “Why you?” Why is someone else’s name on that wall and not you? Why did you get to come home when so many didn’t?
The Myth Of White Privilege
Waking up thinking the deck is stacked against you because of your color and you take that attitude out your front door, that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.
America: The World’s Best Country Club
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Driving around town over the holiday weekend I am always struck by the sheer beauty of Montana. The green Bridgers we appreciate in the spring and summer are just as impressive wearing a mantel of snow...
My Most Memorable Christmas
While we don’t always act very Christian to each other on a daily basis, Christmas is the time that encourages us to be more tolerant of each others feelings and beliefs.

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