Every time I turn around some group is boycotting some business or other group based solely on that group practicing their Constitutional rights.

Chic-fil-A boycotted because of their religious beliefs about same sex marriage. That belief is their Constitutional right.

Target Is The Target

Target got it from both liberals and conservatives.

Target and Best Buy were boycotted by LGTBQ groups for their donations to Minnesota Republican Representative Tom Emmer who introduced legislation against same sex marriage to be included in the state constitution.

Right Wing groups targeted target for instituting gender-neutral bathrooms in their stores

Poor Target can’t win for losing.

Carrier And Oreo

Carrier, an air conditioning company, announced recently that they are planning to move a plant to Mexico. The video link in the article shows some very disgruntled people getting the news that they will be losing their jobs.

The following is a good example of why I think boycotts are stupid.

Donald Trump has said that Oreo was closing their Chicago plant and moving to Mexico and he was personally boycotting Oreo Cookies.

Social media saturated the web with this misinformation.

While Oreo did reduce their work force in Chicago by 600 workers, they did not close the plant. They are expanding in Mexico, but they are also expanding their US operations as well and Oreo’s are still being made in New Jersey, Oregon and Virginia.

Local Worker’s Pay The Price

Boycotts are rarely successful at anything more than bringing attention to the person or group calling for the boycott. Most, not all, boycotts have a selfish motive tied to them.

One person or group who feel they have been wronged somehow imposing their will on another as some form of childish punishment or their perception of righting a wrong.

Boycotts should be a personal decision not a follow the crowd because you perceive it to be politically correct.

If you don’t like Chic-fil-A’s policies or food then don’t eat there. If you don’t like Target’s bathroom policy don’t shop there. If you don’t want an air conditioner made in Mexico you can always buy one made in China.

Local workers always pay the price for boycotts. They’re just trying to earn an honest living and in some areas are lucky to have a job at all.

So yes, let’s have them traverse some kind of chanting, sign waving, profane picket line to earn that living.

You’re Sending The Wrong Message

Boycotts always send the wrong message. Or maybe those calling for the boycott haven’t gotten the message.

Why are companies moving and expanding in other countries? Because they can’t be competitive in a world market by keeping their manufacturing facilities in the US.

That’s really what it all boils down to. Shouldn’t our leaders in Washington be working on ways to keep companies here rather than complaining that it’s always the CEOs fault and mounting some stupid boycott that won't change anything other than give some goofballs their 15 minutes of fame?

Some Final Thoughts

If you spend all your time researching a company’s political, religious, gender position, or the politics and labor practices of the countries where they have factories, you will not be able to purchase a single product made anywhere.

You’ll always find some company position or practice that you find distasteful.

Is anyone confused about the labor practices in China, Venezuela Malaysia, Vietnam, or Indonesia?

If you don’t want clothing made in any of those countries you’re going to be walking around naked or have a very sparse wardrobe.

Did some child put in an 18-hour day to make whatever it is you’re pulling off the shelf? Few groups call for a boycott on the goods sold in Walmart. No they are champions of the poor worker's who filled out and application and accepted a job there for the compensation agreed to by both parties.

But customers sure don’t want the prices to get any higher so no boycotts on Walmart's merchandise.

We don’t care as much if we can’t see it first hand. Much like sausage making.

If you could see it being made you’d probably never eat it. Perhaps a boycott of sausage should be on the sign waving agenda. The pig is definitely on your side.

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