How I Quit Smoking
The physical need of nicotine will leave in a month or so but the psychological need is every bit as powerful and only a change in lifestyle will conquer that.
FDA Review Concludes Certain Cigarettes Pose a Public Health Risk
We all know cigarettes are contradictory to good health. I'm not a smoker, but this recent review of the health risks of different kinds of cigarettes is interesting to say the least. A new study has reveals that one particular type of cigarette is a bigger public health risk than regular cigar…
New Research Reveals Egg Yolk Is As Unhealthy as Cigarettes
Just short of playing Russian roulette at the breakfast table, the consensus seems to be that we are all doomed without a doubt, as the latest chapter of the great American death machine has just revealed that eating egg yolk may be just as bad as smoking cigarettes.
So what in the name of Joe Camel …