We all know cigarettes are contradictory to good health. I'm not a smoker, but this recent review of the health risks of different kinds of cigarettes is interesting to say the least. A new study has reveals that one particular type of cigarette is a bigger public health risk than regular cigarettes. The reason - it tastes better.

A review done by the Food and Drug Administration concluded that menthol cigarettes are a greater public health risk than regular cigarettes because they lead to an increase in smokers and makes quitting harder. The report, however, said menthol smokers are not likely to be at a higher risk of disease or exposed to a greater number of toxins.

In 2011, an advisory panel even went as far as telling the FDA that the minty cigarettes should be removed from the market.

The FDA's review reiterates the 2011 findings but does not make a recommendation on whether to limit or ban menthol in cigarettes.

Should a potentially harmful substance be restricted due to it being enjoyed too much by its consumers? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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