I-185 is a proposal that will be used to fund Medicaid that Montana is going to be on the hook to pay for.

Proponents feel that a tax on smoke products is a good way to produce the income needed to fund Montana Medicaid.

Their argument is that if you don’t use smoke products then you won’t be charged the tax so it has zero effect on you.

Opponents feel that it’s not enough money and that an additional tax may reduce the number of smokers and reduce the amounts collected.

There is also a fear that it will end up in the general fund and not allocated to pay down our Medicaid bill.

Tom and City Commissioner Jeff Krauss discuss the pros and cons of this important measure that will be included on the November ballot.

Callers also weighed in with their thoughts as well.

Take a listen to this very informative interview that chronicles both sides of the issue.

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