OK, you survived Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday but you’re still not done right?

There’s always that one elusive gift that’s just around the next end cap. One of those, “I’ll know it when I see it,” experiences.

The perfect gift for that very special someone that they will remember forever.

When you do find that perfect gift it’s bathed in a golden, almost religious glow and the Tabernacle Choir rises to a crescendo in the background to confirm the end of your search.

All’s right with the world. The last puzzle piece fits. You’ve found it.

Now the second-guessing begins. You think it’s perfect but will the recipient concur?

You still have a couple of weeks just in case this gift was an imposter. Could it be that the real best gift is still hidden out there somewhere on a nondescript shelf?

What were the clues he or she gave over the last few months? Endless conversations replay across your mind.

What was mentioned? And when and where was it mentioned? Why didn’t I keep notes?

Just when I thought the shopping was over, I discover I’m suddenly back to square one, with time running out.

My head hurts from all the scenarios playing out on an imaginary  morning. That look of disguised happiness and the “Oh, it’s just what I wanted,” when you know it’s nowhere close to what they wanted.

And there’s no luster on a replacement gift on New Year's Day. The moment has passed as they say — never to return.

Some Final Thoughts

After years of shopping I’ve decided there is no perfect gift. It’s sheer luck if you do happen to find that jaw-dropping gift — but don’t set your sights too high.

It’s a long fall and you have to wait a year to make it right again.

Let’s face facts. Men suck at shopping. We think a chain saw is romantic. We’ve never seemed to grasp that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Or is it gold?

Usually we’re forgiven and it’s chalked up to insensitivity. We can’t win but we keep trying.

So I will see you all on the mean shopping streets of Bozeman in the coming days. I’ll be the one sweating in spite of the cold.

Any good gift ideas you’d like to share? Comments below.

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