Art Wittich

Rep. Art Wittich, who earlier this year was selected as one of 23 delegates to represent Montana in Cleveland, OH at the Republican National Convention, has confirmed he will be reporting back to the 1450 KMMS-AM Morning Show. Art's reports may start as soon as later this week.

Even more importantly, Art will be sitting on the convention's esteemed Rules Committee. In most elections, the Rules Committee's work goes unnoticed. 2016 is a very different election cycle.

This year it may play a very influential role: The "Never Trump" movement is hoping to alter party rules that would free up delegates bound to Trump and block the presumptive presidential nominee from actually winning the nomination. It will take 57 members of the Rules Committee supporting to bring the change to the floor, yet only 28 votes to have a a "minority report" in front of the full convention.

When asked, via phone, how he planned to vote, Art informed me he plans to listen to the arguments and if a compelling case is made he'd may vote to change the rules. But noted that his predisposition is to leave things as they currently are.

As national political conventions are VERY fluid situations, I'll be posting air times for Art's reports as soon as I know them.

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