Following charges of misconduct,  former Montana legislator Art Wittich received some welcome news from the Office of Disciplinary Counsel this week.

According to a court document signed by Chief Disciplinary Counsel Michael Cotter, ‘as order dismissing the complaint against Arthur V. Wittich, without prejudice’.

When an order is dismissed without prejudice, there remains an opportunity to try the case again, however, that may not ever happen.

Attorney Mark Parker, who was referenced in the order, spoke to KGVO News on Thursday regarding the case against Art Wittich.

“Before I was involved with Mr. Wittich, before I even met him, there was adjudication that he had violated some aspects of the Montana Campaign Practices and Finance Act,” said Parker. “That matter has been decided against him. The acts that led up to that, there was some thought that they should be pursued as a disciplinary matter by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, but it appears they’ve had second thoughts about that and have decided to dismiss, and of course, we’re happy with that.”

Parker said he doesn’t anticipate any further action against Wittich.

“Dismissed without prejudice means there’s not a final adjudication either way,” he said. “Since we have nothing to prove and the adjudication is largely in our favor because the case was dismissed without any negative findings towards Mr. Wittich. Technically, they could be pursued again if all the statutes of limitation haven’t expired, and we believe they have, but, in my view it’s over.”


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