Earlier this evening, as one of the last televised speakers at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland; Congressman Ryan Zinke delivered a very direct and honest six and a half minute speech in support of Donald Trump.

Representative Zinke underscored his 23-year SEAL military service record in three points:

  1. TEAMWORK: You need to know, without a doubt, the guy behind you literally has your back.
  2. TRAINING: We owe it to every troop in harms way they can win decisively in the field of battle
  3. NEVER QUIT: Without teamwork, training and never quit, successful missions like the one that killed Osama bin Laden are not possible.

Congressman Zinke further cited perceived failures of President Obama and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

Zinke stating, "Donald J. Trump is not afraid to talk about radical Islamic terrorism. And I can guarantee you, if we go to war, we're going to war to win."

Watch the full speech in the video below.

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