For the past few days, since the presidential election, I’ve been reading the various posts on Facebook, letters to the editor, and the news outlets.

Did the entire country go nuts on November 9th?

Constitution Suspended?

According to several groups, they apparently lost all protection on Election Day.

I guess there's no first, second, fourth, fifth or 14th amendments in place any longer.

Have the Declaration of Independence and the copies of the US Constitution in the nations capital been redacted?

Are there black lines through parts of the Constitution that protect all groups from government oppression?

Are we suddenly afraid when another person threatens us by saying, “I have a pen and a phone?”

Executive Orders?

Perhaps there’s reason to fear judging how the current President tried to bypass Congress with the use of presidential executive orders. But as history demonstrates, not every executive order was executed. The system worked as advertised as it has for the past 240 years. The populous was protected and the Constitution prevailed in the end.

Our checks and balances worked to rein in government intrusion into our lives. No dictators need apply.

We’re Self Correcting

The beauty of America is that it’s self-correcting. Unfortunately some corrections take longer than others. Women’s Suffrage, and the Civil Rights movement took over 100 years.

The will of the people will always win out over the resistance of our government leaders.

Some Final Thoughts

We are not a government of old white men.The 115th Congress will be the most diverse Congress in history.

We are a government of the people and our leaders serve at the pleasure of all of us.

Just as government can’t impose its will on the people, the people should not use government as a tool to foist their beliefs on the people either.

All groups are protected under the law of the land. But we can’t pick and chose the laws we’ll obey and those we don’t like.

There is a process to change our laws in a peaceful manner and it’s been done successfully many times over our two plus century history.

We’re not always happy with every change but we always have a say. So FEAR really is False Evidence Appearing Real.

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