On Air show from January 5, 2013.

During this show Jacobus discusses:
* Different Cancer Screenings that one could do
* The importance of losing belly fat
* Some practical suggestions to help those with Diabetes and other Blood Sugar problems
* How to improve on Fitness

Segment 1
Jacobus introduces the show and starts reading his article in the Natural Life News and Directory, "New Year - New You?"

Segment 2
Jacobus continues reading his article, "New Year - New You?" A caller asks about the effects of eating sweets. Another caller weighs in about the Sandy Hook shooting.

Segment 3
Jacobus continues reading his article, "New Year - New You?" He talks about other necessary cell nutrients besides proteins and sugar. Jacobus also talks about an article in Time Magazine by Dr. Oz.

Segment 4
A caller weighs in about Dr. Oz's article. Another caller talks about corn and other organic foods being expensive because of subsidies. Another caller talks about genetically produced salmon eggs. Jacobus talks about an article on changes in fat consumption in the 20th century.

Segment 5
Jacobus discussed an article about the many needs of vitamin K2. A caller talks about the malabsorption of vitamin K2 and biotin in Bozeman because of fluoride/chloride compounds in the city water. Another caller repeats the need for protein for the cells.

Segment 6
A caller asks about carrageenan - a seaweed extract used as thickener. Another caller talks about types of almond milk. Jacobus discusses belly fat in men, as well as bone loss and fat increase because of hormone decline in aging.

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