Photo Credit Catherine Jones • Source ThinkStock
Photo Credit Catherine Jones • Source ThinkStock

We all make New Year’s Resolutions either in writing, consciously and sometimes unconsciously. One way or another we try to be a better person or perhaps try to improve our quality of life.

We vow to quit smoking, lose weight, and exercise more or other worthwhile endeavors. We try to not only make our own lives better but those around us.

I got to thinking that our politicians in Helena and Washington should do the same.

Since congress tells Americans what light bulbs to buy, or to stop using sprinkles on doughnuts I thought it would be fair to give them some direction too.

My Political New Years Resolutions

  1. Read The Stupid Bills — If you can’t read a 2,000-page bill then you have no business voting on it. I think I would be able to get the gist of the bill explained in four or five pages. Perhaps less winded people should be writing these.
  2. Testimony — If someone is called to testify before you then they should be doing the bulk of the speaking. Stop asking 10 minute questions that sound more like campaign speeches than questions. Thankfully you’re not paid by the word.
  3. It’s Our Money, Not Yours — If I wanted drunken sailors spending my money that’s what I would have elected. I thought I was electing people who would be watching every penny and spending it wisely. Obviously I miscalculated.
  4. 4.     Don’t Cut Deals With My Future — “Vote for my dam and I’ll vote for your museum.” If the dam is needed great, is the museum is needed that’s great too. But if not, or it’s a bridge to nowhere just to make yourself look good back home, I will work my butt off making sure you stay home after the next election.
  5. Stop The Party Politics Crap — We didn’t send you there to only vote the party line. Sometimes you’re wrong and you know it. You represent Democrats, Republicans and Independents. When the good of the people conflict with the good of the party — vote for the good of the people.
  6. Knock Off The Borrowing — Sooner or later China is going to run out of money and can no longer buy our debt. I have to live within my means; it’s time that Helena and Washington did the same. Buying votes is expensive. Maybe we just might vote for you anyway. Food for thought.

Some Final Thoughts

There are many more resolutions I could mention and perhaps you’d like to leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

Politicians have a tremendous responsibility. We ask them to take on a job where no matter what they do they are going to make some group unhappy.

The thing to remember is this. If you are a politician, you are an employee of the people, all of the people, not the other way around, and you sometimes forget that.

Resolution means, “…the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.” It also means solving those issues with compromise and integrity.

Montanans and Americans are in pain. Politicians are supposed to relieve our pain not add to it.

Will you pledge to keep my resolutions? No holding my breath.

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