Every year we “resolve” that we are going to make positive changes in our life and by February we are back to our same ole bad habits.

Is there any way to make your resolve last a little longer into the New Year? Not sure anyone has a “magic bullet” that’s going to keep you on track other than you resolving to make those changes.

Top New Years Resolutions

There are very few surprises in the most popular New Year. The top ten are:

Losing weight, getting organized, cut spending and increase savings, enjoy life more fully, get or stay fit and healthy, learn something new and exciting, quit smoking, provide more help to others, fall in love and spending more time with family.

Other than the quit smoking resolution most of the others would seem pretty achievable with a good plan and some determination.

And they can all be achieved without any noticeable change in your bank account. However you will save a boatload of money if you quit smoking.

Some Resolution Stats

Forty-five percent of people usually make New Year’s Resolutions, 17 percent infrequently make them, while 38 percent absolutely never make them.

Only 8 percent are successful in achieving their resolutions, 49 percent have some success, and 49 percent fail year after year.

If you make resolutions you are 10 times more likely to achieve them than people who don’t explicitly make them.

The top resolutions by percentage of population are:

  • Self Improvement of Education related resolutions — 47%
  • Losing or gaining weight — 38%
  • Resolutions related to Money — 34%
  • Relationships — 31%

If you are in your twenties you have a 39 percent better chance of achieving your resolution than those over 50 who only have a 14% chance of success.

Seventy-five percent of those making resolutions keep them for the first week, 71 percent keep them past two weeks, 64 percent make it past the first month, but only 46 percent keep them pass the six-month mark.

Some Final Thoughts

I would have to count myself in the 46 percent. I’m not great at staying resolute over long periods. I guess I’m a sprinter instead of a marathon runner.

Nonetheless, each year we start out with good intentions and perhaps being an inspiration to others.

When July comes our resolutions are probably on the back burner having given way to larger problems and life issues.

It’s still fun to start the New Year with good intentions even if success might be fleeting.

What resolutions are you making this year? Comments below.

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