No resolutions this year. I’d leave it as that but it would be hard to get it past the bean counters that pay me for these musings to call those four words a legit blog post.

So I have to elaborate on my non-2018 resolutions.

I’ve made quite a few trips around the sun and have made many resolutions in the past. Virtually none of them have ever panned out or been completed successfully.

So I’ve decided that in 2018 I’m going to leave the resolutions to fate.

If I lose weight it’s fate. If I gain weight it’s fate.

If I prosper it’s fate, if I don’t it’s fate. I don’t know about you but I should have thought of this long ago.

I can’t lose. Whatever happens I automatically keep my resolutions all year. What a stress reducer.

I roll out of bed each morning knowing that resolutions are of no concern. They are taking care of themselves. This new peace of mind has me looking into 2018 with a newly found positive attitude.

I no longer have to force feed my psyche to violate my normal behavior. I’m free.

Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be. I can begin the new year with a relaxed direction.

The sun is shining, birds while freezing, are singing, and all is right with the world. I’m set for the year. I’m so looking forward to keeping my resolutions on January 2nd.

How about you?

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