The start of a new year is the ideal time to make significant changes in your life. The problem is that many Millennials have no idea that significant changes are needed.

Glad I’m here to help you out. Parents pass this on to your rug rats so they can get a head start in life.

Here are a few tips to help you down the road.

Grow A Spine

If the picture of a Confederate Flag or a statue makes you apoplectic then you’re in serious need of a spine.

It’s obvious you’ve been overprotected during your formative years. Well here’s your wakeup call. The world is unforgiving.

You employer will give you an employee evaluation and he or she will not give a rodent’s derriere that it hurts your feelings or that the findings might be unfair in your eyes.

In real life if you don’t perform or you get an “F” and that stands for fired. In real life red pens are used everyday so get used to seeing red.

Put Down The Phone And Walk Away

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are fun and entertaining. It’s easy to spend hours commenting on political thoughts, food choices, pet videos or vacation pictures.

But if social media is your primary form of interaction with others then your future will be a little bleak.

Face to face communication is required to succeed in life. You need to encounter various personalities, races, and cultures in order to survive and move up the economic ladder.

Your little college cliques, no matter how diverse you thought they were, won’t cut it in the real world.

The Oval Office Doesn’t Matter

When I was growing up the Russians were always on the verge of starting a nuclear war. It never happened.

I’ve lived through 13 presidents and I’ll make it just fine during the current one. Stop obsessing about what you think your president may or may not do.

It doesn’t matter. We still have a constitution, rule of law, Supreme Court all designed to protect us from both the government and your president.

And if that doesn’t give you comfort, you live in Montana, and everyone’s armed to the teeth here.

If you’re in a pubic place you’re probably never more than ten feet away from a loaded gun.

Russians, Koreans, or anyone else that crosses our border to do us harm does so at their peril.

Some Final Thoughts

To summarize, there’s a cold cruel world out there ready and willing to take you down if you’re not prepared for it.

Unfortunately our educational system is failing our youth in my opinion. The very fact that speakers are bared from speaking at universities is very telling.

We refuse to accept any information we disagree with. And our so-called educators re-enforce that position in the academic world.

Well guess what, your employer will probably disagree with you on a variety of issues and who do you think will come out ahead in that exchange?

Exactly. It’s time to wake up buttercup. Those sweet smelling roses have thorns. Life’s a bitch — and then you die.

You can live your life cowering in a corner somewhere worrying your life away or you can pull up your big girl panties and make a great life for yourself.

My suggestion — stick a Confederate Flag on your notebook and take on all comers. Comments below.

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