Attorney General Fox wants Montanans to help in the fight on drugs. Saturday, October 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Montana Department of Justice, local law enforcement agencies, tribal law enforcement agencies, and the Drug Enforcement Administration will give the public the opportunity to prevent pill abuse and pill theft. You are invited to search your home and get rid of unused prescription drugs.

When I was a kid, we just flushed them down the toilet or if someone else in the family is sick we just gave them the medication. Now, that was the wrong thing to do. Who knew drugs in our water system was a bad thing or my family members weren't trying to kill each other by reusing prescription drugs? Honestly, I think we couldn't afford to go to the doctor every time someone was sick. We all lived, but it may have been more that we were lucky.

Today, we understand medicine and the dangers of getting rid of drugs the wrong way.

Now, Montanans can just bring in their unwanted prescription pills for free, anonymous, no-questions-asked disposal at one of 24 participating collection sites across the state.

“In the previous Take-Back events held in April, over 4,300 pounds of prescription drugs were safely disposed of at 25 collection sites across Montana. While those numbers indicate great participation, I know we can do even better this Saturday,” said Attorney General Tim Fox. “Our state is in the midst of a substance abuse epidemic, and prevention efforts are vital. Prescription drugs that sit in home medicine cabinets are highly susceptible to abuse, misuse, and diversion. I encourage all Montanans to proactively dispose of their unused and expired prescription drugs at a Take-Back Day location on October 28 or at a permanent drug take-back box near them.”

In Bozeman, head to the Gallatin County Sheriff's office 615 South 16th Street. If you miss the Take-Back Day event, our Bozeman drop-off spot will remain open all year long.



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