Former Senator and retired Ambassador to China, Max Baucus was the guest of honor for the 'Council in the Classroom' video presentation on Tuesday to high school students across the state of Montana.

From towns like Froid, Hamilton, Darby and Bozeman, students quizzed Baucus, who brought over 40 years of experience as a six-term  U.S. Senator from Montana, and then as the U.S. Ambassador to China for four years.

Questions ranged from the situation with North Korea, to his experiences in China, one student even asked Baucus about an incident where he was injured while running a 50 mile race, fell and eventually had to be treated for a subdural hematoma.

The hematoma pushed my brain to one side, so I was operating with two-thirds normal brain, " Baucus said. "Of course, I didn't have much of a brain anyway," he joked. "They put two holes in my head and drained it, and I always knew I had holes in my head!"

Baucus said the invitation to become Ambassador to China actually came during a telephone call from President Obama while Baucus was attending the Grizzly-Bobcat game in Bozeman in 2014.

Baucus encouraged the high school students to challenge themselves and take every opportunity for education.

"While you're young," he said. "Travel the world. There's nothing like travel to learn how the rest of the world lives, and you'll appreciate what you have at home, as well."

The 'Council in the Classroom' series uses online technology to present guest speakers to multiple classrooms across the state, and took place at the MonTech building, adjacent to the new Missoula College on East Broadway.

Baucus also appeared on Tuesday night for a formal address at the Doubletree Hotel, presented by the Montana World Affairs Council.

(The video above contains the entire presentation of the Council in the Classroom)

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