You’d have to go all the way back to 1877 for it to be as hot as it was in Los Angeles, California when the thermometer reached 102°on Monday, October 23rd.

In fact records show that the temperature has never topped 100° after October 17 in downtown LA — until Monday.

Even Death Valley has never recorded a temperature this high after October 16 in any year!

For comparison, the national U.S. record high for November is 105°F, most recently at Tustin Irvine Ranch, California, in 1997.

Temperatures were expected to be in the low to mid 90s as the first pitch was thrown out last night in the LA vs. Houston World Series.

The high temperatures reached all the way from the Oxnard area to the North to Northern San Diego to the South.

My Time In Southern Cal

My first home in San Diego was in El Cajon, California when I first moved there. Temperatures there reached 104° on Monday beating the old records of 100° set in 2003 and 1977.

For the most part, heat in Southern California is a lot like 30 below here. It doesn’t last long. During my 13 years of living in San Diego I found the weather rather boring.

How can you get excited about seventy-five degrees and sunny almost every day of the year? The TV weatherman was pretty useless. He could have phoned in the daily forecast.

There is a rainy season for a couple of weeks in January along with some nasty nighttime fog.

But other than that the weather was very predictable. I didn’t appreciate having to water the lawn and mow 52 weeks a year.

I’ll take snow blowing over that any time.

Some Final Thoughts

Heat, wind and no rain aren’t helping firefighters throughout Southern California. There has been some rain that has helped them get a handle on some of the fires.

The only people probably seeing a positive in all this are the climate change community. I’m sure they are loading this heat ammo into their big guns ready to pull the trigger.

For the rest of Southern California its crack open a very cold beer and Play Ball!!!

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