The other day I wrote a blog post about my feelings if local football players were to take a knee. Well, it seems that has happened.

This week, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle wrote a story about two MSU Bobcat football players who took a knee during a recent game.

KMMS AM1450 listeners were saying they would walk out of a Bobcat game if any player didn't stand during the National Anthem.

Shock is my first response. We live in Montana.

This happened on the weekend why are we reading about it on Thursday? I even spoke with people who went to the game on Saturday and they didn't see anyone not standing. From what they told me it's hard to see the players because they are not really on the field yet.

According to the Bozeman Chronicle,

"Taylor Tuiasosopo and Edward Vander stood outside the Montana State locker room during Saturday’s pre-game festivities.


So I called and emailed Edward Vander and sent a message to Taylor Tuiasosopo on Facebook, inviting him to come on the show.

Taylor responded. saying I have to go through Bill Lamberty at the MSU Offices first. So I called Mr. Lamberty whois with the MSU sports department and asked about getting an interview with Taylor. He said he would call me back.

I don't want to argue with the players. I just want to ask them if they know they are saying things that really are not true. My attitude towards people who won't stand during the national anthem is something Jesus said: "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."


Evelyn Peyton

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