On Dominick In The Morning we have been talking a lot about NFL players who are not standing or who taking a knee during the national anthem. Most, 99.999999999 percent of my callers to the show, are upset about it.

Here is an email I got from a listener:

Hey Dominick

I was born here in Bozeman, grew up in Manhattan and I am full of Bobcat pride. I am going to the game on Saturday with my family and if one Bobcat kneels during the anthem we will walk out (after the anthem finishes of course). Kneeling during the anthem is not a Montana value and it is not the time or place to stage a protest.


A local Montana High School football coach said if his students wanted to take a knee when the national anthem is played he would support his players.

President Trump said NFL players who disrespect for the flag and America should be fired. One major jock called the President a bum. The mainstream media loved it.

In my opinion, the football players who don't stand or who take a knee during the national anthem are bums. Rich bums, but bums. It all started when one player said he would sit because black people are being killed by the police and it has to stop. So this is a race thing. Problem is the truth gets in the way.

Roland Fryer, economics professor from Harvard University studied the issue. His findings is there is ZERO evidence of racial bias in police shootings. In Houston he found that blacks were 24% LESS likely than whites to be shot by a police officer, even though the suspects were armed or violent.

An analysis of the Washington Post and the police shooting database and federal crime statistics reveals that only 12% of whites are killed by cops. By contrast only 4% of black homicide victims are killed by cops.

After looking at facts, the truth is that there is no evidence that police are killing blacks just because they are black.

Here is a great link to Prager University that explains even more the myth of police killing innocent people.

Why do so many people THINK police killing blacks for no reason is a problem? Why has it gotten so bad that NFL and even some Montana high school football players are thinking about taking a knee during the national anthem?

You can't really blame them. That's what the media seems to be saying.

People who listen to conservative talk radio and media know the facts. We talk about these studies and the real truth. To my liberal friends, I would bet they have never even heard these facts.

Fellow talk host Tom Egelhoff recently blogged about why he was giving up the NFL. When conservatives try to have a real talk about the truth they are called racist, even black conservatives.

This subject is something we need to be talking about. The problem is you won't hear about that from any place but conservative talk radio and AM 1450 KMMS.


Montana State v Minnesota
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