Lisa Kirk of Save Bozeman was on Dominick In The Morning today. She is involved with trying to stop the Black Olive project. That is a five-story building on Olive and Black.

The city commission was going to vote on the building a few weeks ago but the Save Bozeman group got a court injunction. The injunction was recently lifted and many people think Save Bozeman lost and Black Olive is a done deal.

Kirk made it clear.

"The Black Olive project is not dead. We need a lot of people to show up at the October 9th commission meeting," she said.

Kirk urged the people of Bozeman to stop this before it goes too far. She brought a picture she said was posted by the HomeBase Development company. The picture showed what it would look like if the Black Olive building was built.

This isn't politically correct, but it was the as best way I could use to explain the picture on the air and have my listens get a idea: Think of a very fat man who has his belt on very tight and his belly is hanging over the belt. Think Chris Farley from Saturday Night Live. The building looks like it is spelling over into the street and other buildings.

If you want to learn more you must attend the October 9 commission meeting and let your voice be heard.



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