Troy Downing is a businessman from Montana who says he has been called to serve. A Republican, he is running for Senate.

As the 2018 election gets closer, Downing is campaigning across the state to let people know how he feels on the issues. One thing is for certain - he is not a politician, which is a good thing for people who are sick of the Washington DC way of doing things.

Troy Downing thinks government should be more limited. Do we really need the federal government involved in everything we do?

Downing wants to help create more jobs by reducing taxes and regulations harming small business. People in Montana must be allowed to access all lands for recreation purposes, Downing points out.

He is a strong supporter of our President and wants to help drain the swamp. Today on Dominick In The Morning he talked about his love of America. Downing told how after 9/11 he joined the military. He wanted to give back.

According to political experts, the Montana Senate seat that Democrat John Tester has is winnable for a Republican. Like Greg Gianforte, we are seeing more and more citizens who never thought about running for office now standing up to be counted.


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