The Department of Homeland Security has granted Montana an extension of one year to comply with the Real ID program.

Montana Motor Vehicle Division Administrator Sarah Garcia said on Wednesday, that until the extension expires on October 10, 2018, existing Montana drivers licenses will be sufficient identification to board a domestic aircraft.

“In about a year, we’re looking at January 1, 2019, we will be issuing the first Real ID compliant credential, which will be what you’ll need to get on an airplane potentially in that time frame,” said Garcia. “The extension request gives us the time that we need to be able to implement all of those changes that need to happen in the motor vehicle division so we can issue those Real ID compliant cards.”

The 2017 Montana Legislature authorized MVD to comply with the Federal REAL ID law through Senate Bill 366, and to begin issuing compliant credentials starting January 2019. MVD will request another one year extension in 2018, and will continue to work with DHS to ensure full compliance with the law.



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