Attorney General Tim Fox’s Office of Consumer Protection wants to warn Montana consumers about door-to-door home repair scams that pop up in Montana every summer. 

Spokesperson Anastasia Burton said the attorney general's office has already received calls from consumers about seasonal scams.

"Right about this time every year, we see home repair scammers come out of the woodwork, just like clockwork," Burton said. "This time of year typically we see people who do asphalt work, seal coating, roof repairs, siding repairs and occasionally other repairs that are related to storms in the area."

Burton said there are certain signs that are a dead giveaway for someone involved in a scam.

"There are several red flags that consumers need to look out for," Burton said. "Be very cautious when someone shows up at your home unannounced and uninvited and wants to do home repair work for you. Typically, these folks are pretty pushy and they want you to sign a contract even though they won't have any local references, which is another big red flag. Sometimes these folks will want up-front payment, and the bid they offer you might be extremely low. Sometimes they say they have some asphalt left over from another job, and they can do the job right away."

Burton said those who are troubled by these kinds of scams have several options for help.

"Call local authorities before signing any kind of contract," Burton said. "Ask if there have been any other complaints in the area. You can also call the Office of Consumer Protection toll-free at 1-800-481-6896. We have folks on hand who are happy to help."

Montana Department of Justice Spokeswoman Anastasia Burton


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