Whenever a severe weather event sweeps through an area, another plague usually follows, the 'storm chaser' scammers.

Dan Buchta with the Better Business Bureau has some helpful tips to keep from being scammed when you're experienced damage of loss after a storm, such as the snow and freezing rain event that just occurred in Missoula.

"There's a couple of different things to look out for after a storm," Buchta said. "Number one can happen after a heavy snow storm or especially after a hail storm, ypu'll have people going door-to-door offering to make repairs. Their aim is to force you to make a quick decision. They tell you that they're ready to start working tomorrow, and all they need is half the money up front.Then, you pay the money up front, and never see them again."

Buchta said the most important  thing to remember is to stay calm, and don't rush into any decision where money is involved.

"Get two or three estimates and make sure the people that you're working with are licensed and that they come highly recommended," he said. "Make sure they've been in business for over a year, and most importantly, to get whatever they say they're going to do in writing."

Buchta said it is also important to never pay cash up-front for any job.

For more information, contact the Better Business Bureau.

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