With Hurricane Harvey now a tropical storm, it continues to dump a huge amount of rain causing massive flooding in Texas and Louisiana.

People in Missoula want to give to help the victims of this disaster, but the Better Business Bureau advises you to be cautious, especially with newly established GodFundMe campaigns, according to Dan Buchta from the Montana BBB.

"When we see these GoFundMe campaigns, the BBB advises you to cut out the middle man," Bucta said. "Some of them that we've looked at are suspicious. They're saying that they're going to raise $10,000 and then pass it along to the organization that needs it most. GoFundMe campaigns like this for disaster relief sometimes end up as scams. They pull on people's heartstrings, collect a lot of money and then keep it for themselves."

Buchta said the Better Business Bureau, through it's Give.org website, has a number of BBB-accredited charities where funds will be used to help flood victims.

"Among them are the American Red Cross, AmeriCares, Church World Service, Direct Relief, Global Giving Foundation, The Humane Society of the United states, Islamic Relief USA, The Salvation Army and Save the Children," said Buchta.

Those are just a few of the established charities on Give.org.

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