On the January 6th edition of Open for Business Mike McCormick, Shane Montalban and Tom Egelhoff review the week in business for KMMS listeners.

Foreign Aid

One of our listeners wanted to know about why we’re sending so much money in foreign aid to countries that don’t have our best interest at heart?

The US recently talked about stopping aid to Pakistan and the trio talked about that aspect of our government spending along with how foreign aid will be dealt out in the future.

We also covered the UN and how much the United States contributes and other expenses that fall under the State Department.

Gold And Commodities

Gold and silver both increased in value along with oil that led to a discussion on investments and other means of protecting wealth.

Puts, Calls and Margin Investing

Buying stocks on margin was also discussed for more on that you should check out a copy of the movie “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd as the corner the market on frozen orange juice futures.

Puts and Calls are investing terms that are often confusing to investors and speculators. Shane and Mike do a good job of explaining how they work and how to use them to your advantage.

Some Final Thoughts

Twenty-eighteen is off to a good start. The stock market continues to set new records as do the other markets as well.

How long will it last is anyone’s guess. So tune in each Saturday to Tom and Shane for their predictions on how to protect your paycheck.

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