You just gotta laugh at some of these folks in the Montana media. The news breaks that two noncitizens voted illegally in an election in Montana- and nothing in most of the so-called news outlets in the state for days. But boy when they think they got a chance to take a shot at a Montana Republican- they immediately pounce. Cue up the circus music once again.

Frank Miele is the former editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Montana's Flathead Valley, home to former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (R-MT). He now has the Heartland Diary blog and writes national columns from his home in Kalispell. Needless to say, Miele knows the secretary and Whitefish very well.

He has a great summary of the latest anti-Zinke hit piece with this: Deep State takes another shot at Ryan Zinke

Miele says this latest story is of "little significance" and that "Zinke was the subject of a Leftist Media/Deep State/Enviro Wacko witch hunt from the day he was nominated by Trump got linked to several fake scandals (here and here, for instance) during his tenure at Interior."

Some people hate Ryan Zinke and would do anything to destroy him. After all, he was Donald Trump’s secretary of the interior and has Trump’s endorsement in his bid to return to Congress.

He closes with this summary:

NO conflict of interest. NO recusal violation. NO misuse of his office to benefit the developer. And NO PROSECUTION!

Here's the full story by Miele.

I also had to laugh about the fact that the story involves a community sledding park that Zinke donated to the community of Whitefish. Here we go, the liberal media is making mountains out of a sledding hill.


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