Let me start by saying, I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and chose to become a follower so I could do my due diligence and vote when need be. Although, it does seem to be somewhat accurate.

So the first one I will show you is from two years ago. Now, as some like to constantly point out, I am not technically from Montana. But I do live here and have for so long, that I had to file taxes in the state. WITH THAT BEING SAID...this opinion has not changed much as far as I hear.

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According to his "friend survey", Montana HATES...California. So clearly this has been going on for some time. Is he wrong? Check out the other states, ones you have lived in, and see if it is accurate. My favorite is New Jersey...they hate EVERYONE. I did ask my friends that live there, and it is indeed, true for them.

Now this one...I don't feel is very factual, unless the rest of the state is not dealing with housing/cash money issues, which could be the case. With schools canceling their mask mandates, and the COVID numbers are slowly declining, I personally feel like COVID is not the biggest stressor anymore. Again, just my opinion.

I highly suggest going and following Matt on his Instagram. Not only can you participate in the survey...you can read other people's comments. Again, New Jersey, keepin it classy AND trashy.

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