Ok, so this could be true for the midwest in general, but I feel like these are tell-tale clues that you are DEFINITELY NOT from Montana. I had someone come up to me at a local store here in Bozeman and ask me a question and I just kind of looked at them like "Ummm what?". I felt a bit terrible for the dead stare of confusion until I finally realized what they were looking for.

Let's dive right in.

How I know you are not from here:

Number 1: "Do you know where I can find the buggies?" I am not ashamed to say at first all I could think of was "like a horse and buggy?". Then I realized they were looking for the shopping carts. I forget that there are people who actually call "carts", "buggies". I just don't hear it from people that have been here for more than a hot minute.

Number 2: "Does everyone here have a dog?". Well, almost! Bozeman especially is a dog lover's dream place to live. We love dogs here and we are not afraid to bring them with us almost everywhere we go.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Number 3: "I just love how "country" and "small-town" Bozeman is". I can't help but think, "you should have seen it when it WAS country and small-town".

Number 4: "It's only like $1700 for a one-bed apartment here, that's like the same as at home." This just tells me that you are from a place where electric car charging stations are on every corner.

Number 5: "It's crazy that so many people have trucks here." I just wanted to say, "it's hard to fit fishing poles, camping gear, a dog kennel, and my friends all in a Prius."

I know there are so many more ridiculous things said that, very clearly, point out the fact that someone may not be from here, but these were my personal favorites I have encountered. Hope you enjoyed it!

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