Gallatin County Commissioner Steve White (left above) paid a visit to the Open for Business Show on Saturday July 21st.

The main topic of discussion the first half hour was the County Budget that will be coming up in August. Tom is a member or the County Salary Commission and was present at the two meetings that gave direction to the County as to what to do with salaries for Commissioners, the Sheriff and Deputies, and other county employees.

We also discussed the success of the land fill that is self-sustaining and not dependent on any tax dollars from citizens.

The airport will be getting a new parking garage and there was some discussion about the upcoming airport expansion.

A few years ago, the legislature passed a bill that forces the larger Montana counties with larger tax bases to subsidize smaller counties with smaller tax bases.

As a result, Gallatin County does not receive all the property taxes it collects.

Steve revealed that the country will be raising taxes partly due to some shortfalls by reductions in Medicare and Medicaid to the County Care Facility on Durston and that the county needs to increase payroll to attract the best workers and reduce turnover.

The Big Sky State Fair currently going on has been very successful the past few years and is doing record numbers again this year.

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