We’ve all heard the old saying, “Its not the heat; it’s the humidity.” Regardless of the humidity, when it gets over 90 degrees in Bozeman — that's HOT.

We love to brag about our cold temps that are far more impressive. Ninety degrees is a ho-hum temp in most parts of our nation.

We do hold the record for the world’s largest snowflake at 15 inches across.

Cold vs. Hot

Cooler temps allow more fun things to happen. You can ski, hike without breaking a sweat, jog, fish, and camp comfortably at any temp between 40 and 75 degrees.

When it gets hotter than that things start to weigh you down.

Your endurance wanes, even your clothes start to feel heavy.

When it’s 95 you can’t drink enough water to hydrate yourself.

Our Summer Dress Code

Shorts and tank tops. In Montana you can wear them for almost two weeks. OK maybe that’s a stretch.

But we do have a short summer at least as far as growing things.

Our two seasons spring-winter and fall-winter are just long enough.

We’re excited to see snow near the end of the year and sick of it by the time warmer temperatures show up.

Some Final Thoughts

The best thing about summer in Montana is the cool evenings that are here year round.

While it might be in the 90s during the day it’s much more comfortable sleeping in high 50s to low 60s at night.

Being at the altitude we are and a somewhat arid climate blesses us with pretty low humidity most of the time.

So whether you are a summer or winter person Bozeman has a climate for everyone.

Pour yourself a cold beverage, turn on the fan, put on your shorts, flip-flops, and Hawaiian shirt and enjoy it while it lasts.

You’ll be scrapping ice off your windshield before you know it.

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