(Photo by Daniel Hurst • Source: ThinkStock
(Photo by Daniel Hurst • Source: ThinkStock

Chances are your answer is No. Not because your life is bad, but because life gives us unexpected turns and detours along its path. Few people end up in the career they went to college to pursue. Life has a way of making plans for you without your input.

Nothing wrong with that but over the years of talking to thousands of successful small business owners I’ve learned there are some common traits that will keep you on track to a successful life. Here’s some things the most successful people do to stay in the black.

They Have A Belief System

Most of us are bogged down by what others think of us. Successful people are not. If they have a good idea they are going to run with it and make it happen. They are always in the, “I can do this!” mode. Their family, friends and neighbors may ridicule their ideas but those remarks just bounce off.

They Are Visionaries

They have the ability to see their business five to ten years from now. Not as it is today. This vision helps them work toward the vision they see in their head to make it reality.

If their goal is a nice home then they will attend open houses. To see, feel, smell and hear their dream. Knowing how those things feel keeps them focused to overcome the obstacles placed in their path.

They Don’t Need Education Or Talent

I am not going to suggest to anyone that education is not necessary for success in life. But I will say that bookstores are full of biographies of successful people who accomplished their goals without a high IQ or natural talent.

I am going to suggest that if you don’t have a high IQ or natural talent don’t let those minor weaknesses stop you from pursuing what you know in your heart will work.

They Take Action

There are two kinds of people in the world — Spectators and participants. Participants jump in the game. They don’t sit on the sidelines wishing they could do what’s happening on the field.

You don’t have to be the Michael Jordan of business to be successful. You do need to know the rules of the game and enough about the fundamentals to play it. Success comes with learning the game. The more you know about the game you are playing the faster success will come.

They Know That Success Is A Winding Road

Business plans are like a road map. They show you how to get from Los Angeles to New York. What they don’t show you is detours and road construction that is going to slow down your trip.

Business, like life, is a series of adjustments. A daily battle of pro-acting and re-acting to outside forces beyond your control. But the goal always remains the same.

Some Final Thoughts

The point is that even if your life took some unexpected turns you are still in control of it. All of the things I’ve pointed out are emotions. They guide us and keep us motivated to be the best we can.

If your life is not going as you’d hoped then you are a spectator. Watching the good life pass you by. Why not get in the game? Will taking some kind of life changing action keep you from the life you don’t enjoy? No it won’t. If you life didn’t turn out like you thought it would then do something about it. Start Today.

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