It's pretty surprised no one has bought out the space and has plans for this space because it's a great location.

The Clark's Fork in Bozeman was a very popular breakfast and lunch spot where folks can go get a fantastic cinnamon roll, wraps, or sandwiches. The Clark's Fork had a great location too, right off the intersection of 19th Avenue and Oak Street. That intersection alone is one of, if not the busiest intersections in Bozeman during the day.

The Clark's Fork sadly was closed this past March 2020 and a lot of folks were pretty heartbroken about it. My softball team and I would go there on the weekends when we had a tournament here in Bozeman. Their Trapper Wrap was a perfect breakfast that had sausage gravy and was great on the go as well.

The thing is, we haven't heard one thing if that building has been sold or if maybe the Clark's Fork will try to make a comeback in that space. It's a huge space, gets great traffic, and could be a huge asset for a restaurant. The biggest problem places are facing is the workforce shortage and maybe that's why we haven't heard any news.

Either way, this spot won't last vacant for long. If there is one thing is Bozeman that is for sure, businesses will take advantage and open up space regardless of a workforce shortage, especially in a place that is so valuable.

Still miss those Trapper Wraps though.

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