Months after this place has closed its doors, people still miss this business and want it to reopen as soon as possible.

We have lost many businesses over the past couple of years to the COVID-19 pandemic that limited many places in how they could operate. One place that was greatly affected was Montana Indoor Sports out in Four Corners.

Montana Indoor Sports was a huge facility that could operate several activities at once, They have two full-length basketball courts, an indoor soccer/lacrosse field, a giant playground, and batting cages. They were insanely popular with a lot of locals, including me. Sadly, they closed their doors this past April 2021.

Montana Indoor Sports via Facebook
Montana Indoor Sports via Facebook

During the winter, Montana Indoor Sports was the place to be. My friends and I would go to the batting cages every Saturday and I even participated in their awesome volleyball leagues. Montana Indoor Sports even held soccer classes, pickleball lessons, and you could even rent out the space for archer tag. Over this past summer, my friends and I have talked at length about how Montana Indoor Sports will be missed this winter.

Hopefully, someone will buy the location and reopen it. The Gallatin Valley needs a business like this for families and athletes who want to stay warm, have fun, and stay in shape.

Luckily some businesses are close by that you can be inside and keep you warm. Try out Jumptime Bozeman for family fun and Lookout Throwing Co. for adult shenanigans.

It's not the same as Montana Indoor Sports but maybe we can hope they will open one day.

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