Here's a question for you to ponder: When it comes to tipping, should you base it on percentage, quality of service, or both?

Apparently, depending on who you ask, the answer is different. Whenever my wife, Jules, and I go out to dinner, she always looks to see what I tipped to ensure that I gave the "correct amount".  Now, I consider this bit of an insult, as I consider myself a great tipper. Although, while I will never stiff a server, I do think that tips should be based on the quality of service.

Other folks believe that it should be a percentage.

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The problem with that is no one can seem to agree on what that percentage should be.  Some folks say 10 percent, others say 15 percent, but according to CNBC, you should be tipping between 20-25 percent.

A quarter of the bill for a tip? Hmmm.

Here's something else to think about: who gets a tip? It seems everywhere you go nowadays there's a tip jar. What are the "rules" on this? If you go get a coffee, you tip, but do you tip the person that made your double cheeseburger? If not, why not? Didn't they both provide a service? Do we pick and choose who gets tips?


According to Montanans, here are some "tips" when it comes to tipping:

  • Tip at least 15 percent
  • Tip extra if the service is beyond normal
  • Tip in cash so that the server gets more of the money
  • Tip more during the holidays

These are solid "tips," no doubt, and hopefully, you aren't one of those folks that stiffs servers. However, on the flip side of that, for those in the service industry, don't be afraid to up your game; there are still plenty of us out there that will reward you for the extra effort.

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