Recently some 10 US Navy sailors entered Iranian waters and were taken prisoner. The nine men and one woman were released after one night in captivity on Farsi, an Iranian island in the Gulf.

During their capture, video was shown worldwide of the American’s on their knees with their hands behind their heads. One sailor read a message regarding their capture.

"It was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake," said the U.S sailor, who was identified by Iran's Press TV as the commander. "It was a misunderstanding. We did not mean to go into Iranian territorial water. The Iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. We thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance."

Iran Violates The Geneva Convention

“But the photos and videos violate articles 13 and 17 of the Geneva Convention, according to Michael Pregent, an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute and retired military officer.

“You’re not supposed to take photos to be used in propaganda media,” Pregent told POLITICO in a phone interview Wednesday.

“You look at what they released this morning. They have a video of them boarding the ship, Americans on their knees with their hands behind their head, videotaping them as if that’s amusing. That’s a violation of the Geneva Convention.”

The Agreement With Iran

This incident happened the same day that President Obama delivered the “State of the Union” address to Congress and the American people. This incident was not mentioned during that speech.

Just days previously Iran fired a missile in close proximity to the USS Harry S. Truman with no real outrage from the US.

Some Final Thoughts

In my view Iran made America look weak. There were not 10 sailors on their knees on that boat. The entire United States of America was on its knees and made to look weak in the eyes of the world.

This is exactly the same tactic that ISIS uses when they behead innocents. They demonstrate their power for the entire world to see and fear. The prisoners were nothing more than a metaphor.

Secretary of State John Kerry looked even meeker than normal if that’s possible. His thanking of the Iranians just solidified the image of our weakness.

Or allies have to be thinking what a “paper tiger” we’ve become. How silly we looked a few days before we hand over billions of taxpayer dollars to this corrupt and terrorist supporting nation.

I for one am embarrassed for the actions of my nation. Our enemies are emboldened and if there was ever a recruiting tool for anyone who hates us I’m not sure how you could construct a better one.

I’m not sure we’ll ever regain any respect in the world again. We have lost the trust of those who need us most. America has never been weaker.
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