In a special appearance on KGVO Radio's The Talk Back Show, former Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill reveled new information about the day that Osama bin Laden was killed and how that mission was connected to the mission to save the Maersk Alabama from Somali Pirates.

"I don't think I've told anybody this," said O'Neil describing the moments after he and other SEALS had zipped bin Laden into a body bag. "We put the body down by one of the snipers who was outside, and that sniper happened to be the lead sniper that shot the Somali Pirates when we rescued Richard Phillips. We set him down and I said 'That's your guy.'"

In the interview, O'Neill also describes the letters he wrote to his children the day he went off on what was thought to be a suicide mission.

O'Neill's revelations have received some criticism, but he says, so far, there hasn't been any pressure from The Pentagon on what he has been telling the public.

"As far as the government and the Pentagon go, they've been good to me and I respect their opinion," O'Neill said. "There has been no blow-back there and I hope it remains that way. I'm going to continue to say what I'm saying and not get into the stuff that's classified."

O'Neill says the politicians on Capitol hill have also been good to him.

"I work in Washington quite a bit and actually met with some congressmen yesterday, they were very positive, you know, wanting to do selfies and that sort of stuff," O'Neill said. "I have a lot of friends on The Hill, and I want it to stay that way."

O'Neill's fellow Navy Seal Team 6 member Ryan Zinke is now Montana's lone U.S. House rep, but O'Neill says he doesn't plan on running for office in 2016.

"I think that I've had my fair share of scrutiny," O'Neill said. "I think running for office just brings out a bunch of bad stuff. If I ever run for office, it won't be in 2016."

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