Through Republican good will to maintain their word to cut spending, the nations defense budget looks to be hit hard. Obama had proposed the budget for 2011 to be billions of dollars more than the republican lawmakers are willing to accept. Generals, Majors and even new recruits will feel the effect of the cut costs. In this era of history, should our defense budget be the first to be cut?

Afghan National Army Soldiers Participate In Weapons Training

WASHINGTON -- Congress' failure to pass a 2011 defense budget bill is jeopardizing the military's effort to send more surveillance and attack drones into Afghanistan, as well as stymieing plans to buy a new Navy submarine, Army combat helicopters and other major weapons systems, defense leaders say.

As Pentagon officials fan out across Capitol Hill, pleading for lawmakers to approve the 2011 spending levels proposed by the Obama administration, they also are hitting lawmakers where it hurts -- in their congressional districts and states. Less money in the budget, the officials said, will put at risk thousands of jobs and construction projects nationwide.

Right now the U.S. is operating under a stopgap budget extension that funds the federal government at the 2010 level. And Republicans, who control the House and gained ground in the Senate in the 2010 elections, have said they intend to use this opportunity to end dozens of programs and slash spending on many more.

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