Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

There have been five great inventions in the past 150 years. The automobile, airplane, telephone, broadcasting (radio and TV), and electricity.

How many of these are NOT regulated by the Federal Government? The answer — NONE.

Now we can add the Internet to the long and growing list of infringements by government into our private lives. But of course they always do these things to protect us — and it’s always for our own good.

If we’re really good they might give us milk and cookies too.

The Fairness Doctrine

Anyone remember this outstanding take over of radio and TV a few years ago? Equal time for all political candidates during elections was the law of the land.

Imagine if NPR, MSNBC, or CNN had to have as many conservative stories as Fox? And vice versa?

Of course over time it was proven nearly impossible to regulate, track and enforce. Stations now offer it as a courtesy to political candidates but it’s no longer mandated.

Don’t Use Your Electric Hairdryer In The Shower

Does that warning really need to be on a hairdryer? If it’s not there some wacko could sue you for not letting them know. And therein lies the problem with Net Neutrality.

The FCC’s whole premise rests on what could happen — not what is currently happening.

What if, what if, what if. Better to wall up the barn doors now before the horses even suspect they might get out. No doors, no missing horses.

What The Government Is Missing

The Internet is, and always has been, a “for profit” venture. And the better you care for your customers, the more customers you will have, and the more profit you will realize.

Any government regulations or restrictions that get in the way of that customer satisfaction will fall on the customer in the form of more cost not on the government. They will still take their pound of flesh in additional fees or taxes.

Look for a steady stream of government controls over the Internet in the coming years.

Some Final Thoughts

The most important take away from todays blog is the answer to this question. If nothing is going to change, then why the need for the FCC to even get involved?

Look for the government to have more and more involvement in your Internet life. Post and write what you want while you can. Those days are surely numbered.

Remember those stirring words of the great sage that once said, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Even if you don’t need help.

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