This could be a huge game changer for internet in rural Montana and to be honest, it's about time.

KBZK is reporting that Montana has received $125 million dollars in federal funds from the FCC to bring high speed internet to rural areas to Montana and this could be huge for our state.

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If you don't know Montana is one of the worst states for internet speed and all over the state faster internet is desperately needed. Montana is made up off mostly rural areas and there aren't too many choices for which internet services you can get. Even in some places around Bozeman you can only choose one or two internet providers.

With these funds we can see more companies come in and possibly offer new competition and provide better internet for many of the folks in Montana that deserve that choice. That gives me hope to what internet in Montana could be.

This could mean even more choices in bigger cities in Montana for better internet including in Bozeman. There is a need for faster internet speeds in our area due to many households having multiple people using the internet at the same time. From work to school to streaming video games and movies.

We could see new, exciting new internet companies come to Montana. According to the report, SpaceX, yes Elon Musk's space exploration company, has one of the contracts and is looking to get into the internet industry. That could be huge for Montana because if there is one thing SpaceX does well it's definitely making sure they go over the top and make it the best.

I can't wait to see what happens.

For more details, check out KBZK.

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