I ran out of my house to head down to the station, only to find that there was about two feet of snow on my car.

What's with this place? One day it's nice the next day we are in Alaska. It was so cold my fingers were freezing and I couldn't get the snow off my car.

At that point I realized I needed gloves and a hat. I bought them last year, but I don't know where they are anymore. I think that happens to a lot of us.

Heading down 7th to Walmart, I could hardly see in the snow, but I made it.

I ran in and grabbed a pair of gloves, guaranteed to be great for skiing, I thought they would work great.

Next, I needed a warm hat to keep my brain warm. I kept asking people, "where are the men's hats?" They sent me one place, they sent me another. Men's underwear, men's jackets, men's shirts, men's socks ... I just couldn't couldn't find any men's hats.

After about 30 minutes I was ready to give up, but I did not want to go back out into that cold without a hat.

Suddenly, I saw hats, lots and lots of warm hats. I started to try them on, I began to realize that these would surely keep my head really warm. However, I noticed that I was in the women's hat department.

Here's my dilemma, do I buy a woman's hat to keep my head warm? Or do I go out in the cold and freeze because I can't find a man's hat?

No self respecting man would wear a woman's hat because it would tarnish their masculinity, right?

In that moment I realized that I am comfortable with my manhood, and no hat, no matter how girly it looks, will ever take away my self respect. So I bought the hat.

Credit: Allen the Computer Guy
Credit: Allen the Computer Guy


Does it look like I'm wearing a woman's hat? Just asking.

Only a real Montana man can wear a woman's hat.

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