Several of the Townsquare DJs (not sure if that’s the correct term for all of us) head down to the Jam on Main and bring their late morning breakfast or sandwich back to the station.

There have been many positive comments on the food, so I thought it was time to check it out.

A friend and I checked out the Jam on Thursday of last week and both came away with very positive first impressions.

It’s a pretty good-sized place and while we arrived about 11am the place was pretty well packed. We chose to sit at one of the two bars they have with one near the front door and one in the rear. Even with the large crowd it didn’t seem loud to us.

We had no problem carrying on a conversation without raising our voices.

A Great Menu

I was impressed with the diversity of the menu and a hit for me is they serve breakfast all day. In addition to breakfast they have, tacos, both cold and hot sandwiches, some great sounding salads, and burgers as well.

So if an early breakfast or a modest lunch is your idea of a great dining experience the Jam just might fit your needs.

We both had the Traditional Breakfast comprised of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. While my friend had his eggs sunny side up and I had mine scrambled both of us felt the need to ask how the eggs and bacon were prepared because they were decisively better than anything I prepare at home.

The secret was not revealed to us.

The Staff

The staff were all young, jeans and t-shirts, casual wear but all seemed to be extremely helpful and followed up with coffee and drink refills without our having to ask for them.

Some Final Thoughts

You’ll find the Jam at 25 West Main Street near the Ellen Theater. Hours are 7:30am to 3:30 pm daily with lunch served between 11:30am and 3:30pm. They also serve beer and wine. More info on their Facebook Page.

If you’ve been there — leave a comment below.


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