Most of the United State has four seasons of the year. The common jokes in Montana are we have 10 months of winter and two months of soggy sledding.

Or another popular one is Montana has ten months of winter and two months of construction.

If you’ve lived in Montana long enough you’ve probably seen snow or freezing temperatures sometime in every month of the year. I know I have.

But we do have our pluses and minuses when it comes to weather.

Our Montana Seasons

Even though we can get some nasty amounts of snow and very low temperatures we do get breaks.

It snows then it melts, it’s below zero then it’s in the 50s. So we don’t shut ourselves in at the beginning of October and not show our faces again until May.

Well some people do that in remote areas.

After living here for 25 years I have found that just about the time I’ve had it with cold and snow spring arrives.

And when I am missing snow and some cooler temps winter arrives. I’m one of those very rare people who prefer winter to summer. Not sure why.

I know there are people who simply hate winter. And I will admit that between January and April our winters suck.

No holidays, a lull in professional sports, other than professional hockey which nobody cares about.

But around April we start getting a little warmer. Nothing to write home about but when it does snow it’s usually gone quickly.

Baseball starts, the temperatures start to warm and people start being a little nicer to each other. You can play golf once in a while. Do a little hiking.

June to September is our true summer. Daylight savings time keeps the sun up to 10:30 PM and the sleeping is much better then in the Midwest where the humidity is often 100 percent.

All year long our Montana evenings are cooler than most parts of the country.

Some Final Thoughts

We just had the time change and while it’s a bit of an adjustment for those early risers it’s the first real sign of spring.

If we can just get through March the worst is probably over. However there was that one year we had a massive, wet, June snowfall that brought half the trees in Bozeman down. It took till October to clean up that mess.

I guess the real message of today’s blog is — If you don’t like the weather in Montana — wait a minute.

That’s the other Montana joke. What’s your favorite Montana weather joke? Comments below.

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