It all starts the same — you and your buddies are pounding down beers at your favorite bar, and before you know it, you’re running down the street in your girlfriend’s dress while your friends are passed out on the sidewalk. It may be fun to party real hard like this sometimes, but it’s actually illegal to replicate this scenario somewhere in the US… the dress part, anyway.

In Florida, a man seen in public wearing a strapless gown is technically breaking the law. Now, if you’ve ever been to Miami’s famous South Beach, especially at night, you’ve probably seen quite a few lads flouting this particular rule.

“But wait,” you might be thinking right now. “I love Florida and my collection of strapless gowns, especially the one with the dazzling sapphire sequins. How can I combine my two passions, and not get into trouble?” Well, if you simply can’t be stopped, and do hazard a night out on the town in your finest evening wear, chances are you’ll be all right. Most cops have better things to do than arrest cross-dressers.

In general, the police don’t seem to really enforce this law, but it’s still on the official books. The next time you’re in Gator Country, and assuming you’re a man, why not tour through the state in a convertible while wearing one of your best (or your wife’s best) gowns? See if anyone notices.

Our advice to you is common sense, really. While you may not get in trouble for simply wearing a dress, you may be arrested for running down the street while your friends are passed out on the sidewalk.

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